How Black Students Can Search for Scholarships

Most High School students wait until their junior or senior year of high school before they start searching for scholarships. The students that begin their search do not have a scholarship resume, scholarship team, or a social media presence to attract college recruiters. In order to help these students and many more, we invited the top scholarship search strategist Ashley Hill to provide some guidance and tips.

Ashley is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching overwhelmed students (K-12, homeschool, adult, international, undergraduate, and graduate students) how to use their talents and achievements to increase their chances of winning scholarships.

Ashley hosts an annual event, College Success Conference, to provide future college students and their college success partners with key tools to start the school year with a competitive edgeShe has a monthly column in Solo Parenting Magazine in addition to her weekly radio show, College Prep Radio.  Also, Ashley is a College Success Blogger for Working Mother Magazine. Ashley has authored The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now.

Social Media Scholarships and The Black Church

According to Pew Research, historical black churches are having a hard time attracting youth to attend church. Most youth that attend church are part of youth ministries that tend to disconnect them from other adults in the church and their pastor.

Unfortunately, this disconnect is preventing youth from tapping into one of the greatest resources they have to locate mentors, learn new skills, and serve the Lord. On this episode of the Digital Parent Podcast, PR Coach Pam Perry and I discuss how teens can use church participation and service to brand themselves as experts. This is critical to landing scholarships and getting into college for free.

Pam Perry is an award-winning communications professional. She has been called by Publishers Weekly a “PR Guru” and featured in many major publications, and on more than 100 radio and TV programs. Pam Perry also has a 20-year career expertise in marketing, public relations and journalism in Detroit.

Known as the master of connecting the right people, for the right project, at the right time – Pam Perry works hard to help her clients brand (and get paid) like a superstar. For more information, visit

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How To Use Social Media to Land Institutional Grants

It’s the season of seeking scholarship money. Parents and caregivers are searching all over the internet to locate scholarship applications to assist with the increasingly high cost of college tuition. The parents that are not searching for scholarships are hoping that their child’s 529 plan will be enough to fund 4-5 years of college.

Then there are parents that have paid anywhere from 500-5,000 dollars to hire a college planner to locate free institutional grants to provide their child with a free ride to college. On this episode of the Digital Parent Podcast we talk with one of the top college planners in the industry.

Danny Umali, the founder of Game Theory College Planners, provides us with an inside look of the new field of college planning. Danny discuss how his company uses advance analytics to pinpoint the exact college that will provide a “Free ride” for your child to attend their University. Danny and I also discuss how social media is becoming the secret sauce to landing institutional grants.




How to Use Linkedin and Twitter to Attract College Recruiters

We are at the beginning of the college application season. While many parents are paying thousands for SAT prep courses, the smart ones are assisting their  teens in creating outstanding social media profiles on LinkedIn to get accepted to schools such as Harvard. A great profile on a site such as LinkedIn has become the new equalizer in the college recruitment process.

Most families, despite social economic barriers, have access to the internet either in their home or public libraries. Social Media optimization allows student to put their best foot forward for potential colleges and employers.

On this episode we have the one and only Alan Katzman from Social Assurity. Social Assurity provides students, schools, and parents with ecourses that teach students how to optimize their Linkedin and twitter profiles to attract the attention of colleges and employers.

Alan was recently featured in the New York Times. One of his Social Assurity clients caught the attention of Harvard University utilizing the tactics that are provided in Social Assurity’s LinkedIn Essential course.

Alan and I discuss some strategies that students can use on social media sites to highlight their strengths, passion, extracurricular activities, and even family responsibility roles.